AssessmentWORKS™ Governance Self-Assessment Toolkit

AssessmentWORKS™ is a comprehensive and challenging governance self-assessment process that has been proven over many years of successful use by hospitals, hospital associations and other not-for-profit clients nationwide. The Walker Company's AssessmentWORKS™ enables boards of trustees to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans to improve board performance, close governance gaps and create real governance gain.

Conducting a governance self-assessment is critical to long-term governance and organizational success.

Governance Practices Assessment Toolkit
The AssessmentWORKS™ Governance Practices Assessment Toolkit includes everything you’ll need to implement a governance self-assessment that can power your board to new heights of leadership accountability and effectiveness.

The toolkit has been designed to give you maximum flexibility to define the leadership process and criteria that are right for your board. Start your self-assessment process by following the Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Governance Self-Assessment. It easily guides you through how to use the forms and resources included in the toolkit. The toolkit includes:

  • Full governance self-assessment tools, including a Governance Self-Assessment Organizer, a self-assessment survey questionnaire template, and sample reports and correspondence.
  • Board committees self-assessment tools, including a Committee Self-Assessment Organizer, questionnaire templates and sample correspondence.
  • Peer evaluation tools, including an assessment template, a template for reporting assessment results and sample correspondence.
  • Tools to help you prepare for meaningful governance gain, including instructions and a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet formatted to prioritize your governance improvement ideas, a sample analysis, and 101 ideas for specific ways to improve governing leadership effectiveness.
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Governance Self-Assessment Toolkit
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