All The Governance Essentials You Need on One CD

The Governance Essentials Collection™ combines our most popular governance tools and resources on one easy-to-use CD for hospital boards. For only $795, the CD includes the following:

  • OrientationWORKS Model Governance Manual, a ready-to-go governance manual which you may custom-tailor specific for your organization
  • PolicyWORKSGovernance Policies, with samples of 12 IRS Form 990 policies and 14 additional policies that may be custom-tailored for your organization
  • SuccessionWORKS Recruitment Tools, which includes the tools and resources necessary to guide you through the governance succession planning process
  • 13 Boardroom Basics programs - the same 15-20 minute educational programs available for download individually, but grouped together on the CD with additional governance materials for better value and ease of use

Educational programs are still available for purchase individually for $169 each. But when combined together, this CD includes over $2,000 of individual educational programs, as well as essential governance tools that are resource-intensive to develop internally. Don't miss out on this opportunity to maximize your governing leadership success for a minimal price.

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Governance Essentials DVD  

Governance Essentials Collection™ CD
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Model Governance Manual
Our customizable OrientationWORKS™ model governance manual will help ensure your board has the “go to” resources essential to your success. The 183-page Model Governance Manual and 176-page Governance Information for Leadership Success combine to form a comprehensive, high-quality governance resource ready for you to custom-tailor with information specific to your hospital.Governance Essentials DVD

The Model Governance Manual has been designed to guide you easily through the custom-tailoring process. Through the use of prompts, text fields and “find and replace,” you can add, delete and insert the information and documents unique to your organization. The Model Governance Manual includes:

  • A Quick Start Orientation
  • A review of basic governance information
  • A section for you to complete with facts and information about your hospital
  • A section where you may insert comprehensive board information, including lists of board members, meeting schedules, committees, by-laws and more
  • Resource and reference lists defining health care trends, resource sites and organizations, health care occupations, and commonly used acronyms and terms
  • Information and tips for effective grassroots advocacy
  • Tools and templates for introducing and welcoming new trustees to the board

Governance Policies
Our PolicyWORKS™ sample governance policies will help ensure your board has the well thought-out policies and procedures expected of an accountable, effectively-governed organization. PolicyWORKS™ includes:

  • An overview of key policy information, including:
    • Why policies and procedures are essential to effective governance
    • A policy format, and key components in creating sound policy documents
    • A list of IRS Form 990 policies, and where in the Form 990 the policies are referenced. These are also useful policies for organizations not required to file a 990
  • Samples of twelve (12) IRS Form 990 policies
  • Samples of fourteen (14) additional policies

Governance Succession and Recruitment Tools
Governance succession planning is the key to ensuring continual board and organizational performance improvement, and the ability to ensure that the right leaders are on the board to guide governance decision-making well into the future. By assessing the board’s leadership strengths and weaknesses, and using the organization’s strategic plan to define its critical future leadership requirements, you can identify critical governance “gaps” that may be closed through targeted trustee recruitment. SuccessionWORKS™ includes:

  • An overview of the board of trustees succession planning process
  • Board and trustee roles and responsibilities
  • Tools and templates for governance candidate interviews and assessment

Governance Education Programs
Our Boardroom Basics™ programs are designed to enhance trustees’ knowledge and capacity to provide the focused and effective governing leadership required in today’s dynamic, rapidly-evolving health care environment. The programs are typically 15-20 minutes in length, and are ideal for education sessions at board meetings.

The Governance Essentials Collection™ includes 13 Boardroom Basics™ programs on the following topics:

  • Building High Performance Governance: Seven Leadership Habits of Highly Effective Governing Boards
  • The Board's Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Driving Change: Integrating Mission, Values and Vision into Board Leadership
  • Governance Accountabilities and Opportunities in the Quest for Quality
  • The Board's Role in Building Constructive Hospital/Medical Staff Relationships
  • The Board's Role in Strategic Planning
  • Building Bonds: Pathways to Better Board/CEO Relationships
  • Ensuring Conflict-Free Governance
  • Becoming a Community-Centered Board
  • Infusing Quality Throughout the Board Agenda
  • Supercharging Your Hospital's Governance Substructure: How to Build Effective Committees, Task Forces and Advisory Councils
  • Governance “Never Events”: Ten Leadership Failures That Should Never Occur in Hospital Boardrooms
  • Governance Self-Assessment: Building Accountability and Transparency in Governance Practice
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with the Governance Essentials Collection™ for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will provide you with a full refund of your purchase price.